About Me

Bart Zielinski

A.k.a. - DJ Bartek
Ever since I was born, I’ve been involved with music and its lifestyle. Born to a Polish rock/pop star, Andrzej Zielinski who is a leader and a composer of a group Skaldowie, my house was always filled with music and many interesting an often famous stars, artists, poets, politicians etc. Growing up around a large music studio, I’ve experienced a first hand learning music process and how all music equipment works. At my very young years, I went to music school, to gain my basic musical and piano knowledge, and ever since, I’ve been fascinated with music in general. I continued to learn to play a classical piano as a young teenager. Later, as I advanced, and I learned music theory and history I also started to experiment playing other genres such as jazz, blues, gospel and even heavy metal. In that time, I played mostly keyboards and occasionally bass guitar. Consequently, I started joining and later even starting my own music groups and was also able to compose and produce, or be part of a couple of interesting albums. That’s when I also started to DJ and gained some fundamental mixing knowledge. It was something I enjoyed doing very much. In my college years, I continued learning piano (it was mostly jazz, gospel, and blues at that time), DJ-ing, and playing life gigs. This is when I also had a chance to host a college radio music program. I was also hosting many open-mic venues around town. I graduated in 2001 from Illinois State University with a degree in International Business, Management and Entrepreneurship. Although I graduated with a business degree, my passion for music never weakened. Currently, I continue my music passion as a DJ and MC and cater my services to private parties, weddings, clubs and many other events. I also own a small studio, where I enjoy producing and mastering some of my and others compositions.  I also joined 1030/1300AM Radio team where I host my own music and arts show. It is my great privilege to offer my services, whether it is recording, collaborating, or DJ-ing your events. I promise to make it extra special and as unique and interesting as possible. I love interacting with the crowd and I put extra special attention to song requests and general ambiance of the party. I believe this is especially important as a part of being a good DJ, since what I do, I simply love it:-)

P.S.  Zapraszam na stronke mojego taty Andrzeja Zielinskiego z grupy Skaldowie.  Duzo fajnych i ciekawych faktow:-)   www.skaldowie.com
Also, please visit our radio station at www.polskieradio.com Here is a link.